Spring Bling…

Inspired by my visit in Spring ’16 to Keukenhof Park just outside Amsterdam and seeing 7 million bulbs in bloom, last October we planted 1000 bulbs in a plant bed in our front garden under some deciduous shrubs.  The bulbs we planted were a special mix called ‘Lelystad’ which should flower from February to April and are insect friendly, providing early nectar to insects.

Polley Garden Design - 1000 bulbs ready for planting

Polley Garden Design – soil dug out to a depth of 100mm and bulb mix poured in.

Green shoots came up in February this year and by March, Narcissus Topolino were flowering away.

Polley Garden Design - spring narcissus flowering

Polley Garden Design – March 2017 – Narcissus Topolino

In April the spring colour exploded.

Polley Garden Design - colourful mixed spring bulb planting

Polley Garden Design – spring bling!


spring mixed bulbs

Polley Garden Design – a great mix of colours.

The bulbs kept flowering through April and May and are only just now going over.

Polley Garden Design Muscari and Anemones flowering in May.

Polley Garden Design – flowering in May – Muscari and Anemone Mr Fokker a carpet of blues.

The bulb mix I choose is low growing to a height of 200mm as it is growing under shrubs in this plant bed, but there are a wide range of mixtures, colours, heights and flowering periods. They can be planted in large areas such as grass verges, lawns, meadows etc  by mechanical planting which I saw in Holland.  Then you can sit back and enjoy Spring.

The Keukenhof Park, see www.keukenhof.nl

Bulb supplier: www.jubholland.nl











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