Top Garden Trends for 2018


a seat with soft relaxed planting on an arts and crafts terrace

A relaxing haven by Polley Garden Design

‘Haven’ is often a word associated with our gardens.  Studies have shown people are healthier and less stressed when they are close to nature, and people are using their gardens to enjoy family life, relax, exercise and mediate in. This trend continues in 2018.

Sustainability and ‘re-wilding’ are both buzz words. People are sourcing locally where possible, leaving space in their garden for wildlife and choosing planting attractive to insects – very much working with nature.  I have worked with clients to increase the length of the season of their planting to support insects and birds and a large area of wild flowers has been incorporated in the latest garden I designed.



Astrantia with bee on flowers

Astrantia flowers.

Growing your own vegetables and herbs either in your plant beds, or in veg plots or containers is an activity enjoyed by many people and is a growing sector, and we want cooking areas in the garden to enjoy eating our home-grown produce, from a small BBQ, to pizza oven, fire pit or fuller kitchen area with a movement to eating outdoors 12 months of the year.

For plant lovers with little outdoor space, container planting is popular – you can always take them with you, as is the rise in interest in indoor plants.

In garden design a desire for less minimalist geometric designs remains, with edges broken by soft planting, giving an aged feel.

In planting design the trend this year is for ‘contrast’, with structural plants such as trees and shrubs being contrasted with soft, relaxed, loose or wild planting with textural interest.  A wish for year round colour and interest remains high on the wish list.

vegetable growing

Raised wooden vegetable bed.

Winter planted container with festive feel by Polley Garden Design

Container planted for winter colour by Polley Garden Design


















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